Superconducting ceramics buy

     YBCO ceramics are made in the form of cylindes and blocks. Cylinders have a height of  5-20 mm and a diameter of  28 mm. Blocks have 5-20 mm width, 5-20 mm height and 40 mm length.

Superconducting ceramics

     Using our technology, the size of ceramic samples can be varied according to customer requirements. 


 - critical temperature is TC=91-93 K

 - the width of the transition 1-2 K

 - critical density is JC=700-1200 A/cm2 at temperature 77 К for density ρ=4,5-6,0 g/cm3.


     You can always buy YBCO superconductor in our company at an affordable price. Price is $500 per 100 grams of ceramics.

     For example, a superconducting YBCO ceramic disk with a diameter of 2 cm and a height of 1 cm will have a weight of 15.7 grams and cost $78.5, and the bar length of 2 cm, a width of 2 cm and a height of 1 cm has a weight of 20 grams and costs $100.

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