Liquid nitrogen

Liquid nitrogen

   Liquid nitrogen is mainly used for cooling and freezing various materials. It boils at a temperature of 77.4 K (-195.75 °C), is not explosive, and is not poisonous.

Dewar vessel

   When liquid nitrogen evaporates, it transitions into a gaseous state and increases in volume by about 700 times, which is why it is stored in specially designed Dewar vessels with vacuum insulation or cryogenic containers under pressure for this purpose.

   When high-temperature domain superconducting ceramics is cooled with liquid nitrogen, one can observe the effect of levitation and capture of a permanent magnet's magnetic field.

Superconducting locking

   The rate of evaporation of liquid nitrogen from a Dewar vessel ranges from 0.15 to 0.4 liters per day for vessels with a capacity of 2 to 50 liters. The characteristics of liquid nitrogen evaporation also depend on the manufacturer of the Dewar vessel.