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Magnetic Field Locking kit

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   Meissner Effect and Magnetic Locking kit:

  • conventional YBCO superconductor disk 30x5mm. - 1pcs.
  • YBCO domain superconductor disk 20x5mm. - 1pcs.
  • plastic container - 1pcs.
  • small neodymium magnet 10x10x10mm. - 1pcs.
  • big neodymium magnet 15x15x15mm. - 1pcs.
  • thin spacer for distance fixation - 1pcs.
  • thick spacer for distance fixation - 1pcs.
  • non-magnetic tweezers - 1pcs.
  • instructions with explanations - 1pcs.

Magnetic Field Locking kit

Demonstration of the Meissner effect (simple YBCO superconductor)

   The Meissner effect is that a constant magnetic field is pushed out of a superconductor. Since the field inside the superconductor is zero, there must be a source of the opposite magnetic field. This source is the superconducting current. Because of the perfect diamagnetism, a magnet can levitate above a superconductor.

Levitating magnet

Demonstration of magnetic field locking and power levitation force (Domain YBCO superconductor)

   The magnetic locking occurs in a domain superconductor when it is cooled in a magnetic field. If an attempt is made to change the magnetic field, a current will be generated in the superconductor that prevents this change.

  The power of interaction between the domain superconductor and the magnet is significant. (Note: there is also simple YBCO superconductor that can be used to show the Meissner effect)

   If you try to press the magnet against the surface of the domain superconductor, you can experience the power of the repulsion force. !!!On a simple YBCO superconductor, the repulsion force is very small!!!

   By taking the domain superconductor out of liquid nitrogen towards the magnet, you can see that it is stably captured by the magnet no matter how you rotate it. !!!This effect is absent on a simple YBCO superconductor!!!

Superconducting locking

   Instructions for the kit to demonstrate the Meissner effect, magnetic locking and levitation force Download

   To demonstrate the effect you need to buy liquid nitrogen.