Infrared barriers

         Multichannel systems "Infrared barrier" used to protect the product of open access and account turnover, marketing and logistics, as well as for solving various problems of small, medium and large commercial organizations.

"Infrared barrier" is a device of multiple infrared sensors connected to a single electronic system special schemes using microcontrollers.

      Multi-channel system consists of several "Infrared barriers" interconnected via hub , the basic element of which is a microcontroller with enough memory to record and store information from individual sensors . One hub allows you to combine into a single system from 2 to 10 barriers. When more barriers can use multiple hubs . The kit includes a multi-channel system specially developed software for reading and processing data received from the sensors and control the entire system of infrared barriers.

         The main components of a multichannel system, "Infrared barrier": 

   Siren                                             Concentrator

         Siren                                                                                                 Concentrator for processing information

IR barrier

Infrared barrier

       One of the customers, LLC "Engineering Solutions" is a network of express hypermarkets "Innovator", where the system "Infrared barrier" is used to control access to goods and statistics on sales of a product.

               Advantage of the "Infrared barrier" is low cost compared with market foreign counterparts, which is achieved through the use of special electrical circuits and relatively inexpensive components. Another important advantage is the flexibility and simplicity of infrared sensors their additions and substitutions in multichannel systems that allows the construction of the original multi-channel system according to your wishes.

The cost of "Infrared barrier" from $50 to $70. Depending on the size and performance of the housing.

Price hub software is $150.