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Meissner Effect kit

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   Meissner Effect Kit includes:

  • conventional YBCO superconductor disk 30x5mm. - 1pcs.
  • plastic container - 1pcs.
  • neodymium magnet 10x10x10mm. - 1pcs.
  • non-magnetic tweezers - 1pcs.
  • instructions with explanations - 1pcs.

Meissner Effect kit

   The Meissner effect is that a permanent magnetic field is pushed out of a superconductor. Since the magnetic field inside the superconductor is zero, there must be a source of the opposite magnetic field. This source is the superconducting current. Because of the perfect diamagnetism, a magnet can levitate above a superconductor.

   The repulsive force between a simple superconductor and a magnet is negligible. (Attention: there is also a YBCO domain superconductor with which you can show the quantum locking of the magnetic field and the power of the levitation force)

   Instructions for the Meissner Effect Demonstration Kit Download

   To demonstrate the effect you need to buy liquid nitrogen.