Superconducting films

     YBCO thin films with a thickness from 12 nm to 200 nm are produced on round single crystal substrates SrTiO3 and LaAlO3 with a diameter from 10 mm to 20 mm. We have also used the rectangular single crystal substrates sized from 2 mm to 20mm.

Thin superconducting filmsSuperconducting film in container

     We also produce thin films of larger sizes for special customer orders.


    Critical temperature TC=87-92 K, critical current density JC=103-106 А/cm2 at temperature 77 К.

     In our company the technology of high quality gold contacts for YBCO films has been well developed.

    Our company is expanding into superconductor cryoelectronics:

  • film single-contacts and two-contact SQUID's;
  • film superconducting flux transformer;
  • film superconducting bolometer and etc.

 SQUID magnetometerConnecting of superconducting quantum interference device