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Magnetic rail for levitation

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   We present to your attention a magnetic rail for demonstrating the operation of transportation on a magnetically levitating superconductive suspension.

   Parameters of the magnetic rail:

  • dimensions: length 500 mm, width 55 mm, height 12 mm.
  • material: stainless steel with neodymium magnets 25x10x3 mm.

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   The magnetic rail is designed to demonstrate the use of superconductivity in transportation.

   Magnetic levitation is possible with the use of diamagnetics, superconductors, systems with vortex currents, and so on.

   Magnetic levitation trains need to be equipped with powerful superconducting magnets. When cooled to extremely low temperatures, they can generate magnetic fields strong enough to support the weight of the train cars and push them forward at very high speeds, which is the main advantage of this type of transportation.

   Thanks to the magnetic suspension, the train does not touch the rails and therefore does not experience the force of friction, which would significantly slow it down.

   Today, high-speed trains on superconducting magnetic levitation systems set speed records in transportation. For example, the latest record of 603 km/h was set in Japan, and in China, a prototype maglev train set a record of 620 km/h in January 2021.

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Magnetic locking demonstration Magnetic levitation demonstration

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