Lithograph, marking and micromarking

Formation of the film structures of the focused laser beam using a motorized positioner with an accuracy of 1 micron and a minimum width of the laser cut 10 microns. Laser Marking and micromarking products and goods for the identification and protection products.

Laser lithography installationSystem for laser lithography and marking

Laser system for lithography and labeling.

Laser cuttingMicrobridge

The line width of the laser cut 10 microns and a width of 2 microns bridge microns.

Quantum interferometerSuperconducting flow transformer

The superconducting film structures left - 2-pin quantum interferometer with a width of 3 m bridges right superconducting flux transformer.

Laser marking on metal

Micro marking on the metal with the size of 270x490 mcm character.

Micromarking on diskMicromarking

Micro Marking on a thin metal foil.

Laser marking ringMicromarking ring

Marking copper vacuum flange.

Laser engraving on sitall

The markings on the glass-ceramic.